About Me


I have been actively practicing different forms of yoga since 2011.  I learned through my own daily practice that yoga was the centering force in my life during stressful times. After a car accident in late 2014, yoga was the best prescription that the doctors could have given to me to help me heal. It also made me realize just how important taking care of our health and well-being truly is. My goal is to help others feel more centered, realizing that mind and body work together in achieving a more balanced and healthy life.

That car accident plus my love of yoga and meditation is what inspired me to enroll in the RYT 200 hour Teacher Training from Zarnay Yoga, A Yoga Alliance Registered program.

I graduated my RYT-200 in May 2016.

I continued to attend yoga workshops, earning CEUs and certifications, for about a year before I officially enrolled in Pose by Pose Yoga’s 300 hour class. Unlike my 200 which was private training, this was a group training, consisting of about 25 other students, both 200 and 300 hour. The trainings occurred one weekend a month, Saturday and Sunday, with a rolling curriculum, meaning that you did not need to attend every month to graduate. I graduated with my RYT-500 in November 2018.

While never planning to teach yoga, I did grow and maintain a regular teaching schedule, from community centers to yoga studios to private session and even employee wellness programs. In all, I earned my E-200 certification in November 2019.

 I am always excited to learn new methods and styles of teaching. I feel that the more you learn, the more you have to offer to others, whether through teaching or just in daily life.


Before moving to Florida, I received my AAS degree in Fashion Marketing and Management and spent 20+ years in the retail management field in New Jersey, working for companies such as Disney Stores, Imaginarium, and Victoria’s Secret. In 2014 I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.